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First Announcement on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment of Liby Group Southern China Innovative
2018-10-19 11:33:24

According to requirements of Law of Environmental Impact Assessment of the People’s Republic of China and Public Participation Method for Environmental Impact Assessment (Decree No. 4 of the Ministry of Ecological Environment), public participation in environmental impact assessment of Liby Group Southern China Innovative and Intelligent Production Base Project should be conducted to know public attitude towards the project, public opinions and suggestions for environmental protection of the project and accept supervision of the public.

Ⅰ. Project name and overview

(Ⅰ) Project name: Liby Group Southern China Innovative and Intelligent Production Base Project

(Ⅱ) Project overview: The project is located on both sides of Longju Avenue, Longxing Block, Mingzhu Industrial Park, Conghua District and covers an area of about 270000m2. The project is intended to produce liquid detergent, concentrated detergent powder and other daily chemical products.

Ⅱ. Procedure and main content of environmental impact assessment

(Ⅰ) Procedure: Environmental impact assessment consists of three phases: preparatory phase, analytic demonstration and forecast evaluation phase and environment impact assessment statement preparation phase. First, carry out preliminary engineering analysis and environmental survey, identify environmental impact factors, screen out major environmental impact factors, clarify key points and environmental protection objects and develop work program. Second, carry out further engineering analysis and thorough environmental survey and monitoring, and predict and evaluate environmental impact. Third, summarize and analyze the results obtained from the second phase, put forward environmental protection measures and suggestions and prepare environmental impact assessment statement.

(Ⅱ) Main content: Based on environmental quality survey, analyze, predict and evaluate environmental impact which may be caused during construction and operation, put forward countermeasures and measures for preventing or reducing adverse environmental impact and develop methods and systems for tracking and monitoring.

Scope of public opinion and main matters

(Ⅰ) Scope: Units and individuals directly or indirectly affected by the project within the scope of environmental impact assessment, as well as units and individuals concerning about project construction.

(Ⅱ) Main matters:

1) Public attitude towards the project;;

2)Main environmental impact on construction and operation in the public’s point of view;

3)Public opinions and suggestions for environmental protection measures of the project;

4) Other public opinions and suggestions for the project.

Ⅳ. Channel of public opinion

When the exposure draft of environmental impact assessment statement is prepared, the public may bring forward opinions about environmental impact assessment to the Owner in writing to the designed address. For format of public opinion form, refer to the web link attached. Please download and fill out it voluntarily.

Environmental assessment unit will truly record public opinions and suggestions in the environmental impact assessment statement and submit it to the Owner, design organization and related authorities.


Ⅴ. Owner and contacts

Owner: Guangzhou Conghua Liby Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Engineer Zhang             Tel:020-81252147

Address: 2# Room 419, 4F, Building D2, No. 9 Taikang Street, Litai Road, North of Mingzhu Street, Conghua District 9D24419房之二


Ⅵ. Environmental assessment unit and contacts

Environmental assessment unit: Guangzhou Yidi Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Engineer Liu             Tel: 020-83510572

Address: Rooms 1808, 1809 and 1810, Guangzhou Trading Square, No. 268 Dongfeng Middle Road, Yuexiu District 

Standard format of public opinion form.docx


Owner: Guangzhou Conghua Liby Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

October 19, 2018

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