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A 400,000km Journey, a Race between Disinfection Products and Virus
2020-03-27 09:46:04

Spring of 2020 came in this way

Last week, 14 mobile cabin hospitals of Wuhan were closed and gyms finally returned to normal. As the “epidemic” gradually vanished, spring of 2020 came……

Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Center, one of 14 mobile cabin hospitals

With the coming of spring, the public has reflected on the epidemic for some time and most put their eyes on medical workers who sacrificed for the epidemic and ordinary and great heroes in harm's way. However, contributions made by numerous enterprises and institutions were another strong force could not be ignored in the entire process of fighting the epidemic.

Searching the Internet, there were long lists of enterprises making donations to the epidemic and almost all were indicated with “Partial” and “Incomplete statistics”. It meant that too many enterprises and institutions firmly and silently contributed their strength in the past two months. Even though we beneficiaries can hardly make a list of them, such power of assumption, mission and social responsibility was admirable.

Today, let’s share a story about an enterprise and its employees’ response, choice and effort to right the epidemic. 

On the eve of Spring Festival, most people were immersed in enjoying the upcoming holidays and looked forward to the Spring Festival. Chairman of Liby Group Chen Kaixuan had a vague feeling of a storm. Although he may not fully imagine such a roaring wave in the coming two month, he fundamentally judged an extraordinary Spring Festival of 2020. On January 22, Liby Group called an office meeting on the epidemic for the first time and Cheerwin Group decided to donate disinfection products valued 5 million Yuan to 33 designated hospitals of Guangdong and Hubei. Meanwhile, to stabilize the market, the Group released a document against a rise in the price of all disinfection products during the epidemic. When Liby Group returned to work on the first day of the lunar year, a truck filled with disinfection products drove into The Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province, followed by other designated hospitals around the province.

The virus spread quickly, the situation became increasingly severe and decisions should be made faster. On January 27, the rapidly changing epidemic showed its true color and a lasting, national and unignorable fight was about to begin. Facing the situation, Chen Kaixuan announced in the group-level office meeting:

“Liby Group and Cheerwin Group donated and distributed disinfection products valued 200 million Yuan to more than 2000 designated hospitals nationwide.”

On the next day, Liby and Cheerwin established “joint action group of 200 million Yuan material donation project” within the shortest time and all business departments comprehensively initiated donation deployment. Liby Group knew the most important thing was to offer a safer work environment to medical workers and fight the increasingly serious epidemic in short supply of disinfection products.

With ordered deployment and affirmative action, Liby Group and Cheerwin distributed materials to the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital on January 29, WUHAN JINYINTAN HOSPITAL, Wuhan Caidian District People’s Hospital and Wuhan No. 4, No.5 and No.9 Hospitals on February 7 and Mohe Central Hospital in the northernmost of China on March 13. Materials have been distributed to all designated hospitals in advance by March 15……

Transport fleet of materials for fighting the epidemic of Liby Group and Cheerwin Group

During the epidemic, disinfection was a rigid demand for hygiene of sickbed sheets, medial workers’ work clothes and the environment. Thus, disinfection products were one of the most badly needed materials. As a representative of Chinese daily chemical enterprises, Liby Group, which has donated to SARS, Wenchuan earthquake and H1N1, was not draggled but resolutely stood out.

Afterwards, Chen Kaixuan wrote in this WeChat Official Account: “Facing the unexpected, severe and high-impact nationwide epidemic and disaster, we Liby people are obligated and must stood out, shoulder the responsibility, do something and play a leading role.”

A race against time

Roaring across the Horizon is an old film telling the story behind the emergence of the first atomic bomb of China. A classic clip that was repeatedly spread online was a mobilization meeting was called in the gobi desert. Lean Li Xuejian waved his arms, yelling: “The war was over at home and abroad. I neither celebrate nor go back to visit parents but come to the gobi desert by an order. My families do not know where I am and if I live or die……”  

Although the fight was not as cruel as the “atomic and hydrogen bombs and man-made satellite” project, it was a silent and most drastic war. If determination reflected Liby Group’s ambition and responsibility, how to resume production before the eve of Spring Festival and ensure fast supply of the frontline was a race against the virus, because of which Liby Group must showed strong mobilization and production capacity.

January 22 was the first holiday for vice president Yang Zuoyi, but he must return to work after answering an emergency call. What came to his mind first was that: It is a tough task! How to resume work, boost production and solve the problems of raw material and transportation in the special period? They faced geometrically growing difficulties.

“It is an unimaginative challenge and we should solve the problems from the industry chain.” Said Yang Zuoyi.

Facing such problems, Yang Zuoyi immediately requested branches and subsidiaries to apply for licenses and promote to solve the problems of material supply and logistics transportation according to 11 trans-provincial trans-regional governmental coordination letters issued by the government.

Li Zihua, who was preparing for the 70th birthday of his father, received a notice about production of disinfection products valued 200 million Yuan on the Lunar New Year's Day. In charge of production plan of the Production Management Department, Li Zihua drove back to Guangzhou with his wife and child early in the morning of the next day.

Li Zihua’s wife was responsible for production scheduling of Cheerwin Group. They almost worked in the front of the computer from morning to night during the Spring Festival holiday. Li Zihua said: “We had only one computer then, so my wife and I often scrambled for the computer.” He was invigorated to work overtime for 36h those days.

Production was conducted in the wake of guarantee and coordination and Hua Jiaguo from the Supply Management Department of Cheerwin Group went through the entire process, who was responsible for production and supply management of “Winking 84 Disinfectant”, a main product donated by the Company.

He was at his hometown during the Spring Festival and was ready to return to Guangzhou to work faster and more efficiently. For this reason, his wife disagreed at first, but she agreed after deep consideration. Worrying his safety, his wife requested: “You can return to work, but you should take a plane instead of driving a car.” Therefore, disinfection products valued 200 million Yuan donated by Liby Group and Cheerwin Group were delivered to more than 2000 designated hospitals around 363 cities 5 days ahead of time, which not only depended on Liby people’s efforts, but also could not be separated by their families’ understanding and support. Liby people did not run alone in the race.

 Disinfection products donated by Liby Group and Cheerwin Group were delivered to designated hospitals nationwide to help medical workers fight the epidemic

Finally, under concerted efforts of Hua Jiaguo and the production guarantee group, Liby Group and Cheerwin Group, on the condition that only Maanshan and Panyu bases were qualified for producing disinfection products, soon increased Siping Liby, Sichuan and Xinxiang bases, which greatly improve capacity and consequently disinfection products were timely delivered to hospitals.

When Hua Jiaguo intensely arranged production, chief process engineer of Liby Gropu Lu Chujie overcame difficulties in returning to work. To resume work, Lu Chujie waited for 6h beside the roadside and finally rushed about for more than 300km by Didi tailored taxi.

After returning to Guangzhou, Lu Chujie borne heavy work stress, doubling capacity within a week with only 1h to commission production devices every day. To control layout of pipelines accurately and develop technical transformation plans before commencement, he climbed up above 10m high storage tanks, got into only tens of centimeters wide pipe bottom and measured pipelines using meter ruler.

Facing huge workload and manpower shortage, he worked overtime by turns with 4 colleagues and completed the work of 15 days within only 5 days. To ensure continuous production, he commissioned equipment in 1h when workers ate and took turns and completed the work of more than 2h within 1h.

In the end, technical transformation project under his charge improved daily average capacity of disinfectant of Panyu base by 278% through equipment optimization and technology improvement and the capacity of disinfectant of the entire group rose from 165t/day to 375t/day, which effectively enlarged the capacity.

A 400,000km journey

Compared with production of disinfection products, transportation of materials donated for epidemic prevention and control was more like a real race.

 Xu Xiaodong-Vice president of Liby Group, took overall change of the donation project

Vice president Xu Xiaodong took overall charge of donation project. From the first day of the lunar year, he started to work around the clock. For lack of manpower, to deliver donated materials to designated hospitals timely, Xu Xiaodong even “fought hand-to-hand” day after day, taking off suit, wearing gloves, carrying materials, driving, encouraging the transport fleet and sometimes accompanying the transport fleet to designated hospitals of Guangzhou. Workers played a joke on him: “Mr. Xu is too busy not to be a vice president”.

Relative to vice president Xu Xiaodong, “chief steward” of the Logistics Management Department Liu Peng was responsible for specific work, arranging manpower, vehicles and loaders and coordinating with logistics transportation……In general, the Group requested him to “deliver products to hospitals as soon as possible.”

Disinfection products of Liby Group were distributed in factories and warehouses around the country and it was very difficult for Liu Peng to “deliver” 33 types of products to hospitals according to their needs quickly and safely. Once, a driver delivered a truck of materials from Guangzhou to Wuhan without even hot water for instant noodles and rest place at night……”We must brain storm for ‘cloud delivery’ of goods.”

Duan Xiantong overcame difficulties in logistics transportation together with Liu Peng. During the epidemic, the demand for vehicles and transport capacity multiplied and local governments strictly controlled traffic flow during the Spring Festival, and consequently car sources declined sharply and transport capacity was seriously inadequate.

For this reason, Duan Xiaotong had to “cast a net” widely and kept making calls for car sources. Sometimes he realized he was hungry after lunch time, rushed to answered calls and replied WeChat after he just cooked noodles, but noodles were burnt after he completed the work. “I want to cook a bowl of non-burnt noodles” he wished most after the epidemic.

After donated products were delivered to hospitals, Zhong Haihong responsible for customer service and order support module got busy. On the fourth day of the lunar year, she organized colleagues to work remotely at home. However, many colleagues did not have a “fast” computer and it was hard to work remotely. What to do? They had to carry desktop computer from the Company! Zhong Haihong contacted the IT Department about installing a home office system and drove her own car to help colleagues to take a computer from the Company.

Under joint efforts of Xu Xiaodong, Liu Peng, Duan Xiantong, Zhong Haihong and other colleagues, disinfection products valued 200 million Yuan were finally distributed in advance. According to incomplete statistics, Liby people and drivers drove for 400,000km to deliver these products, equal to 10 circles of the equator.

The original intention of 200 million Yuan witnessed the speed


By March 15, under joint efforts of more than 10,000 Liby people, more than 1000 vehicles were mobilized and disinfection products weighed above 10,000t and valued 200 million Yuan donated by Liby Group and Cheerwin Group were distributed to more than 2000 designated hospitals around 363 cities.

An enterprise is much stronger than an individual wherever. If the epidemic is a flood, heroes in harm's way are stones containing the flood. Many a little makes a mickle. Facing a flood, enterprises with sens of social responsibility make a stand solid levees and flags.

All Liby people involved in the donation contributed a little to fighting the epidemic. They abandoned holidays and worked overtime almost at their own will, and the subconscious goodwill of more than 10,000 Liby people formed social responsibility of Liby Group and created Liby speed.

The world’s most famous salesman Joe Girard said: “The only product you sell in your life is yourself”.

In ordinary days, enterprise and institutions are a constituent part of the society. If the society is a speeding car, individuals in the society is a solid rivet and enterprises and institutions are parts made up of such rivets and driving the society forward. During the epidemic, only social responsibility can produce social benefits, and enterprises are a tower of strength which can contain the epidemic by their own force and should take actions to escort the public.


Originated from Sanlian Lifeweek

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