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Liby Group Released a New Strategy Promoting Daily Chemical Industry with a Brand New “Ecological Revolution”
2018-12-03 15:24:58



(The Conference on Liby Group Strategy Upgrading and the 25th Anniversary Was Held in Beijing)


On November 30, “The Conference on Liby Group Strategy Upgrading and the 25th Anniversary” was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center, in which President and co-CEO of Liby Group and more than 2000 partners from across the country gathered together. Liby Group first released “green consumption ecology +” strategy and built a consumer-oriented green consumption ecology + era based on the deployment of “new platform”, “new marketing”, “new R&D” and “new brand”, which indicated that Liby would concentrate on entering a brand new development stage with brand new strategy.


“1+2” Deployment, Liby Pushed the Daily Chemical Industry to “New Ecology”



(Chen Kaixuan, President of Liby Group, stressed the necessity to link to consumers with “heart” in the critical development period)




(co-CEO Chen Zebin introduced brand new strategy of Liby Group)


In the conference, Chen Zebin, co-CEO of Liby Group, released “green consumption ecology+” strategy officially, of which “1+2” platform representing future core competitiveness of Liby aroused greatest attention. He said that “1+2” platform was the specific implementation of the strategy. “1” means that Liby leads the matrix of many brands and “2” means that Liby is supported by “supply chain platform” and “channel platform”. The platforms cover multi-brand promotion and operation, R&D and design, raw material purchase and production and supply ends, and offer solutions for online and offline omni-channel distribution and end consumer dynamic distribution. Two platforms are connected to brands, cooperators and consumers through digital system, magnify partner’s interests and rights and offer omni-channel high-quality products to consumers. However, Liby group has been upgraded into a shared service supplier of omni-channel all-contact digital precision marketing and a shared service provider for daily chemical industry-oriented purchase and supply chain.


Marketing 3.0 system, a new marketing system of the strategy of Liby group, was a keyword in the address made by Chen Zebin. It is reported that marketing 3.0 system was closely connected to the head office, provincial branches and dealers. The decisions made on the new system are no longer based on experience. Instead, the new system has practiced whole-chain omnibearing digital analysis and decision-making model by virtue of new channel, new marketing and new business model. Based on consumer data and survey, marketing 3.0 system makes surveys on consumer big data of two channel platforms, including all channels, purchase scenario, hobbies and interests, service cycle and catalyst preference, and forms an all-channel loop from user need to sales. Meanwhile, channel strategy closely related to shopping scene such as e-commerce, community and convenience store has also become highlights in the industry.


It is indicated in the industry that Liby Group has truly realized strategy upgrading from “sales-driven type” to “brand-driven type” and triggered a marketing campaign to promote products from inside to outside.


Consumer-oriented, “New Brand” vision brings health and happiness for every family



(CBO Wu Chen introduced the multi-brand matrix of Liby Group)


As an important part of “green consumption ecology +” strategy, new brand strategy and new product blueprint leading the daily chemical industry chain of Liby has also been highlighted by the new strategy. CBO Wu Chen pointed out that the core of brand deployment for the strategy is the full link to consumer’s life scene and the brand force based on consumer insight. “Linked to consumer’s life scenes, with consumers as the center, with many brands and products as the matrix, and based on cleaning needs and areas of 'home', the Group satisfies different consumer needs for handmade washing, machine washing, intelligent washing and social contact and accomplishes the mission of bringing health and happiness to every family.”



(Chief scientist Zhang Liping explained “new R&D” of Liby Group)


Product is the key to capture the “heart” of consumers. Consumers can truly benefit from products and consequently products win a good reputation. Under the guidance of the new strategy, chief scientist Zhang Liping explained “new R&D”, “On account of consumption upgrading, consumers have a better understanding of science and technology and request more and more for greenness and healthy. Sustainable development of Liby means to continuously improve consumer service, design quality products using green and sustainable material, technology, process and formula and concern about consumers from product concept to application performance and impact on human body and environment. Liby Group has patents more than those of domestic top 2-5 peers and is accelerating to transform core technical reserves into innovative products in order to satisfy escalating consumer needs and the need for long-term development.” It is reported that Liby Group, since its establishment, has been adhering to green and healthy products such as washing powder with no irritation to hands, liquid soap whose base was extracted from plants and cleanser essence for foods, which has showed not only Liby’s response to consumer need, but also its value and responsibility for environmental protection as a leading enterprise of the daily chemical industry.


For brand and R&D, Chen Zebin said that Liby Group should not merely constantly build brand but build the tie with consumer, have an insight into consumer’s visible and invisible needs and build brand based on consumer need.


With new strategy, the 25th anniversary of Liby marks a new starting point from heart


“Green consumption ecology +” strategy was an important part of the 25 anniversary and signified a brand new development stage of Liby Group.


It is reported that the development history of Liby Group can be divided into four stages. The first stage was the “little washing” stage from 1994 to 1997. Since it started up a business in 1994 in Guangzhou until it mainly engaged in subcontracting, it became the bestseller of Guangdong Province just within three years. The second stage was the “big washing” stage from 1997 to 2004. During that period, Liby mainly engaged in washing power, cleanser essence, washing soap and other detergents, engaged Chen Peisi as the spokesman of “Liby with no irritation to hands” and focused on brand building and terminal market expansion. It came out top three in 2003 in China. The third stage was the “big daily chemical” stage from 2004 to 2015, during which Liby Group started to develop into a daily chemical enterprise through acquiring Shanghai COGI Cosmetics and BlueSky Liu Bi Zhi, which was a century-old time-honored brand. In 2016, Liby Group started the new journey of “massive health” and officially set up the development direction of green health strategy in “Liby green health strategy launch event” in the Water Cube. In 2017, Liby Group achieved annual sales revenue of 20 billion CNY and the sales of detergent ranked first nationwide and fourth nationwide. Insiders pointed out that “green consumption ecology + strategy symbolizes that Liby Group is about to enter a new development stage. From then on, it not only can provide green products consistent with different consumer needs, but also has 1+2 whole industry chain platform based on digital marketing 3.0.”


The core of green consumption ecology + strategy is to return to consumers and arrange product, brand, channel and industry chain based on consumer need. It is reported that based on the implementation path of the strategy, Liby Group will launch plenty of new products in 2019, including green concentrated + product upgrading and smart appliance detergents, for consumers at all levels, and realize enterprise upgrading through product and marketing innovation.


It is learnt that “green consumption ecology +” is more than a measure for strategy upgrading but a measure to pioneer the industry. With a brand new ecological system, Liby Group undertakes to build a consumer-oriented, green, healthy and sustainable ecosystem of the daily chemical industry.


Data source: The Xinhua News Agency on December 3


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