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Liby Group Honorably Won 2019 “China Public Welfare Company” Green Development Contribution Outstanding Enterprise Award
2019-11-18 17:20:01

On November 12, “China Public Welfare Company” Corporate Social Responsibility Forum titled “Commerce for social good and coexist with happiness” and sponsored by Tencent Atom Think Tank and Peking University National School of Development was held in Beijing, with vice-chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Li Zhaoqian, president of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and deputy director of the former Poverty Relief Office of the State Council Zheng Wenkai and executive vice president and president of China Enterprise Confederation Zhu Hongren participating. Liby Group was awarded 2019 “China Public Welfare Company” Green Development Contribution Outstanding Enterprise by virtue of assumption of social responsibilities and outstanding contributions to green and sustainable development.


▲Liby Group honorably won 2019 “China Public Welfare Companies” Green Development Contribution Outstanding Enterprise Award


“China Public Welfare Company” corporate social responsibility program was initiated by Tencent Atom Think Tank. In 2019, Tencent Atom Think Tank acted in cooperation with Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the network of Global Compact in China of the United Nations, Peking University National School of Development and other authorities in popularizing business operation and core enterprise values such as social value and environmental value and selecting China’s best social value model enterprises based on 17 sustainable development goals established by the United Nations in order to promote enterprises to get involved in value recreation action of “China Public Welfare Company” with greater courage and energy.     


▲Vice president of Liby Group Xu Xiaodong presented the award and shared green development experience of Liby Group


In the past 25 years, from building “a green factory” to releasing “Liby lead green health” strategy and launching “1+2” strategy, with the goal of satisfying consumer needs, Liby Group built a green and healthy whole industry chain, led green, healthy and sustainable development of the Chinese daily chemical industry and made great contributions to sustainable development of the Chinese daily chemical industry by forms of green technology and green innovation. 


In recent years, Liby Group drove upstream and downstream whole industry chains to realize green material, green formula, green technology, green manufacturing and green product based on innovation-driven R&D through promoting green product life-cycle management in order to lead a green revolution of the daily chemical industry. Under the leadership of green management idea, Liby Group actively explored green cleaning, took the lead in launching a series of water-saving cleaning products, greatly promoted the application of renewable materials in cleaning and concentration of detergent and reduce environmental influence……from raw material and product formula to consumer use, really realized green product life-cycle management. Chairman of Kaisheng Holdings and chairman of Liby Group Chen Kaixuan said more than once: “I will strive to protect the environment and protect green hills and clear waters in the rest of my life!”.


In future, Liby Group will continue practicing environmental protection and green operation and management philosophy, adhere to the mission “Bring health and happiness to every family”, embrace, keep pace with and usher in a new age and strive to create a “beautiful, clean and healthy” quality life for global consumers.

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