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Liby Opened up An Era of Detergent Essence Jointly with International Experts
2019-07-02 14:16:54

Liby detergent essence launched on July 27 in London,

Excellent performance, 

Was highly recognized and strongly recommended by many international experts.

Liby detergent essence,

Upgraded laundry detergent to detergent essence,

Opened up an era of detergent essence!

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Lady Penny Mountbatten

British female lord, brand ambassador of the British Royal Family,

Senior activity planner of the British Royal Family.

As a brand ambassador of several brands certified by the British Royal Family,

Represented the most perfect taste of the British Royal Family,

She has always believed in speaking with quality,     

And affirmed prefect high-end cleaning and care experience.

“As a brand ambassador of the British Royal Family, I have strict requirements for clothes cleaning and care products. Clothes cleaning and care products must ensure high quality, because clothes closely touch our skin. I think a good cleaning and care product should have multiple functions and must be capable of softening, care and cleaning. The recently launched Liby detergent essence truly conforms to my high requirements for clothes cleaning and care products with no need for softener, I feel quite satisfied.”

——Lady Penny Mountbatten 

-British female lord, brand ambassador of the British Royal Family Lady Penny Mountbatten 

Natalie Gibson is hailed as a legendary godmother who leads the fashion circle of London,  

And an internationally recognized dyeing and fabric export,

As the teacher of Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Karajan,

She has a decisive position in the fashion circle.

She is always enthusiastic about fashion,

Has a unique insight of fabric care,

Delicate care of Liby detergent essence for clothes,

Is highly admitted by her.

“Having studied fabric and dyeing technology for years, I know very well different requirements for professional care of different fabrics. With 7 essences, Liby detergent essence has a perfect care effect. Clothes washed using Liby detergent essence are as soft and fluffy as before, which is consistent with my concept of clothes care”  

-Internationally famous dyeing and fabric expert Natalie Gibson

Lara Stone

As an international supermodel who has travelled worldwide,  

A world-leading fashion icon,

Her body often touches different clothes,

She has her own viewpoint about clothes cleaning and care,

Liby detergent essence,

Is the top choice for clothes cleaning and care for her.

“Brand new Liby detergent essence can clean and care my clothes like skin cream nourishes my skin and effectively protect my and my families’ health. So I am very pleasant to regard it as the top choice for clothes cleaning and care.”

-World top supermodel Lara Stone

Calice Becker

Chief flavorist of Givaudan,

As a flavorist who often cooperates with many big brands,

You may not be familiar with her name,

But you must be familiar with her works: Dior J’adore

And brands which she often cooperate with:

Dior, Versace and Armani

“Brand new Liby detergent essence is more than an ordinary clothes cleaning and care product but a new lifestyle expressing personal taste. From now on, intangible fragrance is visible.”


-Chief flavorist of Givaudan Calice Becker

Doctor Lin Xuming

As a fabric expert,

Due to outstanding professional ability,

He has been titled a licensed dyer academician of the British Royal Family.

Undoubtedly, he is an industry leader,

He affirms Liby in a professional perspective,

For giving a new concept of clothes cleaning.

“Brand new Liby detergent essence repairs cellulose of fabric. With no need for softener, it has softening effect and keeps clothes bright and clean. Her R&D concept is clothes care concept recognized by my and shows the greatest respect for fabric.”

-Doctor Lin Xuming, a licensed dyer academician of the British Royal Family

The perseverance of fragrance is Liby’s pursuit of life quality.

The respect for fabric is Liby’s commitment to consumers.

Liby detergent essence,

Opens up an era of detergent essence!

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